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I fully understand why people are upset. That …

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Comment posted PS Uni Underground Radio 011: Congressman Chewbecca by Tyler Lee.

I fully understand why people are upset. That doesn’t mean I agree with them. Obviously they don’t agree with me, which is just fine.

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    Joe, you forget. His opinion is irrefutable fact. Possibly even law. Due to this, all other opinions are meaningless and even stupid.
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  • Travon

    To the commentators.
    Please watch this video, if nothing else it will help you to gain perspective as to why people are upset about the mass effect 3 ending. Spoilers.

    • Tyler Lee

      I fully understand why people are upset. That doesn’t mean I agree with them. Obviously they don’t agree with me, which is just fine.

  • MassivelyIneffective

    Yeaahhh, uh no… Its actually EA story. The Publisher owns the IP. The developer must do what publisher asks or they get no funding.

    • Joe Garcia

      Yep, Mass Effect does indeed belong to EA.

      That’s not necessarily how a developer-publisher relationship works, though. Ideally, a publisher trusts a developer to make something that’s both fun and creative, while also being profitable for them. I’ve never heard of a publisher intervening about a specific plot point or gameplay mechanic, threatening to pull the plug if it isn’t changed. Usually when a game gets canned, it’s because it simply isn’t shaping up to be something worthwhile — remember NBA Elite?

  • Trumanera

    If you have finished the game. Watch this.

  • Zipman

    This an inaccurate representation, as video games usually are constructed threw a combined effort. Additionally it seems to me that:
    1. Publishers have been forcing developers to change endings for years.
    2. Video games leave the realm of being purely artistic creations when they enter a market. They are created for profit.
    3. I believe most of these people behind this movement are not “Demanding”
    nor feel they are “entitled” to anything. They are simply telling
    Bioware : Hey it would be really great if you guys did.

    • Joe Garcia

      I can’t agree with your second point. Almost everything ever made is created with the hopes of generating profit.

      Ultimately, my point is that, yeah, the ending to ME3 is a bit underwhelming in the scope of the entire series. Yet I still think that it’s highly thought-provoking, for better or worse.

      Frankly I’m just glad to see that a game’s story can be taken seriously enough to generate this kind of debate, whether I agree with the displeasure of others or not.

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