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Metal gear marathon in Nov!!! …

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Comment posted PS3 Collections that You Should Consider by Snake.

metal gear marathon in Nov!!!

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  • Valve: “Sony’s console is the best for steam”
    @ Ryan “I bet it was hard for Gabe to stand up and eat those words.. I know it is when I do it.”

    Your absolutely right,i really like him now,we all shouldn’t say things like he learned his lesson and such…

    we should all embrace valve,for they can give us the games we cant play on ps3,{“LFD”}I imagine it would feel so good on my Sixaxis

  • Sony has big things in store for June
    i thought sony announced that they where the first to do 3d tv, now samsung i think is saying its first…whats up?
  • Gran Turismo 5 will define the future of PS3 development
    @Nav “GT5P – 4million” if that’s true Sony should say this at E3,i know for a lot of people,hearing that a game is doing good and selling good,makes them want to check it out….. i bought Halo 3….
  • Gran Turismo 5 will define the future of PS3 development
    Articles like this make me excited for this game.Even tho i never was into the franchise.
    this game looks good.
  • MGS: Peace Walker, say hello to J-Pop
    I think its just a promotional thing,maybe the girls character in the game really likes j-pop,and we’ll understand better when we play it.Remember Otacon is into Jap.anime.
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  • Snake

    metal gear marathon in Nov!!!

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