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Awesome that Sony’s finally turning a profit. …

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Comment posted on PS3 hardware now profitable for Sony by TRF

Awesome that Sony’s finally turning a profit.

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  • TRF

    Awesome that Sony’s finally turning a profit.

  • ARC-1300

    nice, it looks its smooth sailing from here on out

  • VofEscaflowne

    So the whole 10 year life cycle isn’t looking too far fetched anymore :p It probably won’t reach the same sale numbers though, haha.

  • Moocows111111

    Sooo how much are they profiting from every ps3 sold now? I didn’t see any info on that.

  • Clesstan

    this is cool, it will only get better from here on =D

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  • Reigen

    sony sold ps3s for 600 despite costing them more than 800 to make
    and made constant price cuts and dident earn a single buck of the ps3 all up until now
    i gues its safe to say that despite the ps3s price you were getting a loot more than what you payed for
    for the original ps3 buyers it ewen profit for 200$+

    i like the thought that there are some companies out there that dont feel like filling their greedy pockets with my money
    ceep it up sony

  • Doominator99

    good for them. now they dont have to be afraid of selling there PS3’s

  • Meken Shonitin

    That’s good to hear. Now that Sony’s not struggling with that they can do even more for the system now. I’m looking forward to seeing what all they are going to do now.

  • ImLastBoss

    software and hardware sales are rising, there is no need for next-gen when Ps3 games are still good at the moment. The 10 years cycle looks promising to me.

  • taus90

    good sony deserve this and with the subscription on PSN they would hope to recover their losses which they made early in PS3 life cycle.

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  • XY

    Good news! If nothing else they need resources to put into PS4. :)

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