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I think should be “outpaced”, rather than “outsold”… …

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Comment posted on PS3 has outsold 360’s 2010 with 3 months to spare by yewles1

I think should be “outpaced”, rather than “outsold”…

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  • yewles1

    I think should be “outpaced”, rather than “outsold”…

  • bg93

    So if MS Q4 is anything to go by, the PS3 should have 2.2 million or so. That means that the PS3 only needs 3.8 million to catch up to the 360. Not bad.

  • jay

    at this pace PS3 will catch up 4 years from now… when the next gen comes out

  • csd

    “at this pace PS3 will catch up 4 years from now‚Ķ when the next gen comes out”

    damn it, the 360 came out a year earlier, when the new xbox comes out ms will totally drop support and sales will die, sonys ps3 will continue selling normally for at least another year untill the ps4 and likely will receive support like the ps2 even after that

  • ChrisR

    I guess it boils down to what your friends play mine all have 360s. I just ordered an adpater to let me use my 360 controller on my ps3 so we shall if that helps since the ps3 controller is just awful for FPS games.

  • juuken

    Lol, be careful, the 360 stampede will come for your head soon.

    But Sony is taking names and kicking ass. :)

  • OooSheeet

    A lot of the 360’s sales have been due to MS giving great discounts when trading in older models, so really there are not that may more people playing 360s. They are the same peole playing on a newer model! Note also that the figures are “shipped” which presumably includes replacement models for RROD units.

  • Lololololololololol(I am Chris too only better)

    The PS3 controller is my favorite. I cannot stand 360 controller to my PS3; I have always had Sony though and never liked X-Box controllers. I respectfully disagree with you. @ChrisR

  • sales=lies

    Do people even play games on the PS3 other than the handful of exclusives it has? They should compare its sales to that of other blu-ray players because thats what most people buy them. I know i did, its the best bluray player out there. If HD-DVD had won the war Sony wouldn’t even be on the charts. At least when there is a 360 sold its being purchased by someone who intends to play games on it. These console sales comparisons are a waste of time. Have a look at the sales figures of a game released on multiple platforms. There’s the real console war statistics.

    @OooSheeet …because PS3’s never breakdown and need to be replaced? Idiot.

    and anyone who thinks the PS3 controller is better has never actually used a 360 controller. Thats not an opinion, thats the truth.

  • equalstwo

    @sales=lies, more ppl use the ps3 as a gaming hub, sick facts :D, i prefer the ps3 controller, guess why, because ive tried the 360 one and it feels awkward in my hands, i didnt buy a 360 so i sure can say its crap based off somthing i personally did, gtfo kid XD

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  • Atreyu4800

    “and anyone who thinks the PS3 controller is better has never actually used a 360 controller. Thats not an opinion, thats the truth.”

    um thats not the truth because I own both systems and to me the ps3 controller is better

  • mr wonderful

    the ps3 controller is actually the perfect controller. Its the perfect size and shape for all hand types. The joysticks are in a comfortably in the thumbs range of motion, the d pad is up top because in games nowadays its not used for direction and navigating menu. And overall, its never changed in shape because everyone thinks is comfortable EGM, a gaming magazine, even hailed at hot perfect the controller was in that it didnt need to tweek the model like… oh whats this… xbox controller which at firzt was too big and people went out third partiesmtombuy controllers and they were too small. But at the end of the day I dont have to buy batteries fot my controller, which gets ezpensive if you play as much as I do.

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