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PSP2 Officially Named NGP; Releases Holiday of This Year

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With Nintendo hogging all the attention with their 3DS, it was only a matter of time before we finally got wind of a PSP2. Well, today at 2011 PlayStation Meeting in Japan, Sony did just that. Only now it’s not a PSP2, but rather NGP, or Next Generation Portable.

Sony’s new portable boasts some seriously impressive features, including a 5-inch OLED display that is four times the resolution of a current PSP, flash-based game media, 3G and GPS connectivity, front/rear touchpads and cameras, electronic compass on 3 axes, and yes, dual analog sticks. Note that these are proper sticks, and not just the nubs that PSP owners have put up with for 5+ years.

Games teased during the event included heavy hitters such as Resistance, Killzone, and a gameplay demonstration of an Uncharted game.

Gamers can expect to get their grubby mitts on the portable this holiday season. We’ll update with a price and full specs as we find out more.

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Comments (11)

  • SonyJunkie

    I don’t think they are calling it the NGP. First of all that is stupid and a very generic name. I think it is just a codename for now and they will either announce the real name towards the end of the conference or reveal a real name in the later months but NGP is absolutely terrible.

    • Reigen

      yea, i totaly agree
      because console names are so important when playing games

  • SonyJunkie

    Other than those complaints, this thing looks amazing. Games look amazing, touch screen and all the different implementations of gameplay styles, 3G, hopefully a good web browser and all the great UI stuff. This thing seems to do everything and has two analog sticks. If it keeps on sounding this good, put me down for day 1.

  • Scotty B.


    Pretty much everything we wanted to hear. Don’t care about the name either, that’s the last thing I’ll be concerned about lol..

    Now Sony, just impress me with a competitive price so I can pick one up on day one.

  • TRF

    NGP is a horrible name. They should name it something with Playstation, otherwise people won’t realize it’s Sony and it won’t sell as well.

    • Joe Garcia

      Right, because the PlayStation logo and name stamped on the front of it isn’t enough, lol. NGP isn’t great, but it’s better than PSP2.

  • daevv

    Good price, trophy support, and at least one good launch game (Uncharted too much to ask lol) and I’ll be getting one!


  • SonyJunkie

    I really hope they at least put Playstation in the name but NGP seems way to generic. Next Generation Portable, WHAT?!! Thats horrible.

    But if the price is reasonable, and with those specs, my prices are set pretty high, honestly $299 is the lowest I can really see and I would still pick it up as long as it has decent launch titles and Uncharted seems like it will be one and that might be enough.

    Definitely better than the 3DS imo. Just interest me much, much more.

  • Joe Garcia

    NGS is no less generic a name than NES nor is it as horrid as Wii and those worked out pretty well. Make a compelling enough product and they can call it the Ruptured Scrotum for all I care.

  • charliebatch

    NGP is just the code name like natal was for kinect. I’m sure they’ll officially name it in e3.

  • One-Shot

    lol you would think they could of come up with a more creative or at least attractive codename. I don’t get why they wouldn’t just call is PSP2. Makes sense since they just add numbers to their consoles.

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