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PSPGo Is dropping In Price

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According to some reports Sony’s all digital handheld, the PSPGo will be taking a drop in price within a week of it’s release. As reported by Eurogamer the PSPgo will see a price drop from the current £250 to a cheaper and more accessible £200.

Retailers included in this price drop are Amazon, HMV, Play and GAME. However, it seems that ARGOS and ShopTo will be dropping the price to £219.99 and £224.99 respectively instead.

Hopefully this sees a spike in sales for the platform and a warmer reception from the Gaming and Consumer communities as well. A price drop for Japan and North America have not been confirmed but we will update you as soon as possible on the situation.

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Comments (4)

  • ShurikenSpammer

    Well ill be… I could have spent that extra £50 on games.

  • daevv

    Not even out a week…I’d like to say I never saw this coming lol

  • M.n.M

    Hmm…very unpredictable move by Sony. It’s smart though. Now consumers will think, “Wow a price drop already? Might as well buy it now while it’s cheaper. Plus they probably won’t have another price drop for a long time.”

  • Noxia

    Don’t really get this, a lot of places have been selling it for £199 since launch.

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