Hmmm I was planning on getting this game. …

Comment posted Resident Evil 5 to re-release with Sony Motion Controls by Shotgun Junior.

Hmmm I was planning on getting this game. Guess I should wait a bit longer.

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  • Sony: Gran Turismo 5 takes your breath away
    I. want. this. game. BRING ON THE REVIEWS! NAO.
  • Sony confirms Gran Turismo 5 before Christmas
    Well, there’s still no guarantee that it will come out this year. It has been delayed so many times… I will believe it once the GT5 disc is in my hands. I’m really sick of waiting, just release the game already!
  • Gran Turismo 5 delayed worldwide — surprise!
    What, really? I was hoping to pick this one up in the coming weeks… Well I’m still buying it if it ever comes out, but I’m kind of disappointed in Polyphony… This better be one hell of a game, and they better release it this year.
  • Move is being “very widely embraced” says Sony
    I really wasn’t planning on getting this. I’m pretty short on money and move isn’t cheap. Though if it’s really that good I might reconsider and buy a move bundle + heavy rain. But before I waste 150$ I want to see some good reviews and gameplays…
  • Valve: “PS3 is incredibly important to us”
    @Reigen #7

    That’s not his point. His point is that valve games will always be best on PC. Best graphics, free DLC, mods, custom maps and more. And I totally agree with that. I don’t buy valve games on a console. Even the slowest of PC’s can run those games. There’s no point in buying the console versions.

    We will see if that changes with steamworks coming to PS3, but I doubt it. >_>

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  1. Hmmm I was planning on getting this game. Guess I should wait a bit longer.

  2. Im gonna end up playing 3 versions of this game! Played the ps3, played the PC with superior graphics and this will have surperior controls I guess.

  3. awsome!!!

  4. Yeah I was thinking of picking this game up, but since I already know I’m getting the motion controller I’m going to hold off on this

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