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Resistance 3 Announced?

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Chalk this up as a rumor folks but a surprising image has surfaced recently. In what appears to be an advertisement a ad depicting Resistance 3 with the statue of liberty in the middle is seen under the new PS3 banner as well.

We don’t know for sure but given Insomniac’s track record it’s safe to say that something like this could very well be in the works.

Images Courtesy of goldsoundz from NeoGAF

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Comments (8)

  • Nick

    Please give the guy who took the pictures some credit. (goldsoundz from NeoGAF)

  • dirtyd89

    Anything Insomniac I’m gonna have in my collection.
    Anyways can’t wait to play Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time this Fall.

  • The Dean


    I completely meant to. Got distracted by the NFL while I was putting this up, lol. Added the credit at the bottom. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Hero


  • MEGA

    I LOVE RESISTANCE if this is true i will pre-order IMMEDIATLY. Insomniac also said they were working on a new project so this could well be true

  • K-grim

    i just hope we finally get to know something about the civilization that made the gray tech

  • jaz350z

    I still need to play the first 2…

  • Revan

    I cant wait for the third.
    The first i loved for it’s co-op story and the second for obvious reasons.
    I cannot wait for the Third.
    The guy that took that pic needs a reward!!

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