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Resistance Dual Pack landing this July

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Insomniac Games and Sony have announced a new addition to the PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits collection, bundling Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2, preparing both fans and new comers for the upcoming title Resistance 3.

According to Insomniac Games Brandon Winfrey (via PS Blog), the dual pack will be available July 5 for $29.99 and will include extra downloadable maps, multiplayer skins, and weapons.

Dual Pack Content:
– The Resistance 2 Aftermath Multiplayer Map Pack
– Resistance 2 Skin Bundle
– Resistance 2 Wraith Skin multiplayer weapon
– Exclusive Capelli SRPA multiplayer skin for Resistance 3

“Yes, the beanie is back! Exclusive only to this dual pack is a voucher code for the Capelli SRPA skin,” said Winfrey. “So, if you want to dominate your foes in Resistance 3 multiplayer as the gruffer and buffer version of Capelli from the Resistance 2 days, you need to pick up this Dual Pack.”

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  • Jack Shrout

    I might buy this when it’s a bit cheaper. I never finished FoM and haven’t played 2 yet.

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