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Résumé suggests China setting for Resident Evil 6

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It’s thought that Resident Evil 6 may be set in China.

As spotted by TheSilentChief via OPM UK – the credits page of voice actress Wendy Mok notes work as a “Chinese Villager/Zombie” on the game, following an appearance as an Islander in Techland’s Dead Island, as well as a character in True Crime: Hong Kong.

The game still awaits official confirmation from publisher Capcom, but has been spotted on a number of résumés now, with Resident Evil movie star Milla Jovovich also giving it a mention in a recent Twitter post.

“So I just asked the boys from capcom when RE6 the game comes out and they said… “hahahahahaha! It’s confidential”. So there u go folks!she said.

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  • War Machine

    First Spaniards, then some Africans with ambiguous nationality, now Chinese. What’s going to be the next setting? Israel?

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