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Rumor: PSP Go getting price drop this Friday

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According to Joystiq, Sony will be reducing the price to the PSP Go in North America on Friday, October 15th.

The rumor stems from an image an anonymous tipster sent in, which shows a new price listing for the Sony PSP Go at an Army and Air Force Exchange Service retail store. The new price lists the digital-download only handheld at $199.95.

Sony has yet to comment on the rumor, although if true, the new price hits this Friday. Stay tuned for more information.

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Comments (6)

  • Nick

    Still too expensive.

  • Joe Garcia

    I was at Target today, and they were already selling them for $199. It was a “temporary” price drop, according to the signage. Maybe not, then.

  • Ryan

    PSP to me is pretty useless, I probably wouldn’t even bite if it was 50 bux.

  • daevv

    No thanks. I have 2 PSP 1000 systems but the iPhone is my on the go gaming system of choice now.


  • dt

    Well, touch screen sucks. I will take PSP over iphone anytime.

    But again, iphone is always in my pocket while my psp is well, somewhere in my room

  • Reigen

    200 usd or 150 euros, thats the current price,
    the same price i got mine 2 monhts ago

    are you guys sure you dident misspel anything?

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