Saints Row The Third missing promised Move support

There are plenty of reasons to play Saints Row The Third — the ridiculous, over-the-top sandbox offered to players is a distant departure from the more serious turn that the Grand Theft Auto franchise has taken over the years, filling the gap wonderfully for people looking to for true escapism in their games.

PlayStation 3 users had one more reason to be excited for the game, and that was the fact that SR3’s most ridiculous weapon, the big purple dildo bat, would be usable with the PlayStation Move. With the game releasing yesterday in North America, the feature that was promised at E3 has inexplicably been removed.

Above: What Move was built for, dammit.

While being able to swing a floppy rubber dong around with a motion controller isn’t the biggest selling point behind the game, it’d be nice to know exactly why the feature was removed. Hopefully it’ll be patched in later, because it’s not like we’re doing anything better with our Move controllers.

Source: GamesRadar