SCE Japan reveals list of games eligible for PS Vita UMD Passport program

The upcoming Vita handheld will be able to play PSP games, though that process is complicated by the system’s lack of a UMD drive. Sony’s solution is the UMD Passport program, where you’ll be able to register your UMDs to repurchase them digitally at a discounted price.

With Vita’s release in Japan less than a month away, a tentative list of games eligible for the program has gone up on the PlayStation Japan website. The list currently only shows 262 games, which is a small fraction of the total PSP library. More alarming, though, is the complete lack of Capcom, Square Enix, and Konami titles. Since the list isn’t final, more games should be making their way into the Passport program soon enough (I hope).

This Passport solution isn’t ideal — far from it, actually — but it’s better than nothing. I just want to get my MGS Portable Ops on my Vita come February.

Source: Destructoid, PlayStation Japan