SCEE reveals European Move commercials

I’d like to say that I’m a huge fan of the PlayStation Move commercials in Europe, but unfortunately, when you compare them to what North America is doing with Kevin Butler, they fail in comparison. Of course, the advertisements do a great job at getting the point across, I just think we’ve been so spoiled with Kevin Butler that it makes it kind of hard to top.

The official European blog has released two videos today showing how they plan to market the Move. Check them out below and remember, we’ll be giving away 3 PlayStation Move Starter Kits here on PlayStation University over the next 3 weeks…First giveaways is this Sunday, September 12th.

Readers Comments (4)

  1. These adverts are rather boring compared to Kevin Butler’s ones. Shame europe needs KB!

  2. I find these to be quite terrible compared to the American commercials with Butler. I mean you bearly even see the game and I find that accent to be annoying. (and I am English myself)

  3. We need Kevin Butler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. We need Kevin Butler’s British

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