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SEGA Reveals The Bayonetta Box Art For North America

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Ever since it was first announced, gamers everywhere have been dying to get their hands on SEGA and Platinum Games’ newest action title, Bayonetta. With a demo launching on the PSN a few weeks ago, gamers got a taste of the over-the-top sexy and stylish action that made games like Devil May Cry so popular.

Recently SEGA has revealed the box art that will be used for their newest title and we have to say it represents what to expect from the game exceptionally well.

Set to release in January 2010 for North America and Q1 for Europe, we personally can’t wait to get our hands on it.

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Comments (4)

  • Dave-The-Rave

    Still looks cheesy.

  • K-grim

    yea, cinda

  • Remahr

    I think this is a game that was created in all probability regardless of the cheesy factor.

    I put this question to you: Have you played DMC3?

    Playing the demo, I thought it seemed like a bloody good rental // cheap buy later on down the line. I suppose we can just dream about what it’d be like as an exclusive.

  • 9Y0

    What…..?No katana,only guns??Naahhh back to DMC3 and Vergil…

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