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Lol Bully sucks. I wanna see Magic Pengel …

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Comment posted Six PS2 Classics that need to be on PSN (because they won’t get HD remakes) by TRF.

lol Bully sucks. I wanna see Magic Pengel come to PSN.

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  • TRF

    lol Bully sucks. I wanna see Magic Pengel come to PSN.

    • Joe Garcia

      no u

  • Tyler Lee

    Mark of Kri and Bully I think are a must. Those games were absolutely great. Great list.

  • Dan

    Mark of Kri is one of my favorite games…every time I see HD remakes I think of it.

  • Alterego

    How could you not of picked War of the Monsters? that games screams PSN Hell that should just get a psn remake! lol and Legaia2 one and two where awesome rpgs!

    • Joe Garcia

      There are literally dozens of games that I could easily have written about, but I can only write for so long! These are the ones that I personally want to see the most.

  • Ricardo

    You should have MANHUNT in that list 😉

  • aaron

    Oh yeah.. Tourist trophy is a must!

  • crimsonTWIST

    Rogue Galaxy would fit on this list. People missed out on an amazing game if they hadn’t played it. I would defiantly purchase it again if it was on PSN.

  • VanilaGorila-x-

    No SOCOM? Blasphemy…

  • Whiskey Hero

    The pic for the story was from Time Splitters but no mention..? The bait and switch strikes again…

  • Whiskey Hero

    Ok, ok, found the second page. Kudos on the TS props.

  • Jordan

    I would LOVE to see Bully on the PSN. That’s one of my favorite games. Glad someone out there agrees that Bully should be on PS2 Classics.

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