Skyrim interview reveals new details on skill leveling, ability to cripple enemies, and dungeon sets

An interview with Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim director Todd Howard has been posted via Bethesda’s official forum with Norwegian magazine, dishing out brand new details on the highly anticipated RPG. The developers are working viciously with the new engine, bringing fantastic thriving worlds full of new dungeons, characters, and improvements to some of the series favorite gameplay aspects.

When speaking about designing dungeons for Skyrim, Howard explained that the developers have become better at building dungeon sets from previous titles with the new engine.

“We have been better to make the environment more organic and use several building blocks,” said Howard. “For example, many types of caves in the game. Overgrown moss caves and ice caves are a few of them. We also have a cave inside a glacier and an imperial fort. Altogether there are probably five or six general construction sets, but within them there is much variation.”

“[When it comes to loot] We vary it. Sometimes we want to give you a special item that fits with the area you are in,” he said. “Sometimes you get random objects that match the level of the area you are in, like in Fallout 3. The enemies will drop a corresponding amount of different items as in our other games.”

In Skyrim players will also choose a specific skill tree to follow, investing leveled points into certain skills such as Marksman and Sneaking. When it comes to sword fighting, Howard stated that players will be able to perform combo attacks, using the PS3 and Xbox 360 thumbsticks to swing your sword in chosen directions.

“You invest points in skills, and given the opportunity to select various special attacks,” Howard continued. “It is basically like a regular perk tree, just that there are certain requirements before you can unlock various perks.”

Howard spoke on other details about the game but in minor detail. Find a summary of the rest of the interview below. Full interview here.

– Boats are in the game, but you can’t sail them
– Unlimited number of dragons within the world, including specific encounters
– Whole team dedicated to world interactions (ex: wolf packs hunting mammoths, fish in rivers)
– Dragons as mounts has been considered possibly for a late time, but not in the game currently
– Players can slay a whole city of people, however it may take a long time
– Damaging limbs and crippling enemies will be in the game, not like Fallout 3 though

We recently featured Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in our Best Upcoming RPGs editorial here, giving readers an overlook to why RPG fans and Elder Scroll fans alike should be excited for the upcoming return to the world of Tamriel. Skyrim is set to release November 11 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Stay tuned for more details, screenshots here.

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