Slay it ain’t so: new Dragon’s Dogma trailer shows off combat

Capcom have released a trailer for the upcoming Dragon’s Dogma that features a particularly mean-looking dragon taking on a team of adventurers, while also showcasing some of the game’s epic combat. Pay close attention to the clinging and climbing mechanics that are featured here, which possibly make up the bread and butter of Dragon’s Dogma’s combat when facing the larger creatures. Check it out below.

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  1. Reneid Klein March 5, 2012 @ 22:44

    Everything about this game screams awesome. Just wish it had co-op.

  2. That was fucking awesome. Loved it when the player grabs on to the dragon and then it takes off into the air. Really want to play this one.

  3. Wait a min. How come it didn’t show a playstation logo at the end of the trailer but it showed the 360 logo? The game is multiplat right?.

    • The game is multiplatform, but Microsoft is paying for the advertising, I guess. Remember, the game will come with an RE6 demo that 360 owners will be able to play first.

      • Ah ok. Interesting, I didn’t know 360 players got the RE6 demo 1st…not that it matters lol but I do find that to be funny. MS need to stop worrying about multiplats so much and build up their 1st party devs or at least get some more exclusive titles. This behavior is going to kill them eventually.

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