Sony made approach to Naughty Dog over Uncharted 3 Move support

Naughty Dog was asked to consider adding PlayStation Move support to Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, but says there was “no good way” to implement such a feature without changing key elements of the game.

During an interview with Jump Push Start, the game’s lead effects artist, Keith Guerette, revealed an approach from Sony regarding the motion peripheral.

“Sony actually did approach us in the early stages of development and asked us to consider using the Playstation Move,” he said. “What we determined is that there really was no good way to properly take advantage of the Move without changing the game play, language, and presentation of Uncharted as we know it.”

Added Guerette: “If we do support the Playstation Move, or any other peripheral device/new technology, we want to be absolutely certain that it does both the device, and the game, their due justice.”

The PS3 exclusive is now available, and managed to ship 3.8 million copies on its first day at retail.