Sony patents track pad device

According to Akihabara News, Sony filed patents last month for a touch pad on a hand held device. As to no surprise, this device is highly speculated and rumored to be Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Portable 2. Considering images were leaked on VG247 a couple of weeks ago displaying said device alongside the track pad, this shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone.

The patent mentions a “handheld device with two-finger touch triggered selection.” That’s a track pad guys, haha.

Followed up with: “Comprising: a case having first and second major surfaces; a visual display disposed on the first major surface; a touch interface disposed on at least one of the major surfaces.”

Anyway, this should just be further proof that it does exist and we should be getting details on it within 2011 (hopefully prior to E3). Are you guys excited for the inclusion of a track pad or do you hope Sony scrapes it altogether?

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  1. victorgodamnsullivan November 29, 2010 @ 18:48

    Bring on the PSP 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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