Sony: PS3 consistently outselling 360 week-in, week-out

The PlayStation 3 has certainly been picking up momentum ever since the release of the PS3 Slim. With the advent of 3D gaming and PlayStation Move on the console, Sony hopes this momentum will keep on going – continuing a supposed out-pacing of Microsoft’s Xbox 360. According to Sony, the PS3 has been outselling the 360 for some time.

We’ve had a look at the numbers and the PS3 has been outselling the Xbox 360 by around 25% across Europe in 2010. Though the US is generally an equal playing field, the PS3’s catch-up on Microsoft’s console could be gaining speed worldwide.

The Xbox 360 has now sold over 40 million worldwide, with the PS3 not too far behind at over 35 million. SCEE’s CEO Andrew House believes that Sony’s console has been outselling the Xbox 360 consistently and forcefully for quite some time:

“PS3 is already hitting its stride for a longer life cycle,” House told VG247. “We’ve talked about 3D as being one of those capabilities. I think one of the reasons a lot of people are starting to embrace PS3 and see value in it is, we shouldn’t forget that Blu-Ray was very new, and was in the middle of a format war when PS3 was first announced. Now there’s a settled standard. It’s supported by every studio out there. And just the general awareness of Blu-Ray and HD has really taken on a life of its own in the past few years. So I think PS3 is really starting to take advantage of that.

“You’re seeing it in the sales figures where we are now certainly in the power region – consistently and very forcefully outselling the 360 week in and week out.”

It’s unclear as to whether House is talking about worldwide sales, or just his European territory, but what is clear is that the PS3 is rapidly making ground.

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  1. I wonder if the new 360 will turn that around . . .

  2. @TRT
    Probably. People love new stuff.

  3. It probably will, but not with an oustanding difference. We got to remember that the ps2 is still selling after 10 years, so sony is saying the truth about the ps3 lifecycle.

    My prediction: Kinect will flop, causing an uprise in ps3 sales xD.

  4. I agree on with you Dreamer_Lion, if the Kinect really has a $150 price tag it’s going to really slow parents down figuring another 50 bucks would get them the whole set up with the wii and as for hard core gaming… Really? I don’t think so, overall it is a really expensive way to navigate menu’s.

    PS3 just has more to offer than gimmicky gaming peripherals for all users and a price tag that doesn’t leave people feeling cheated.

  5. VofEscaflowne June 16, 2010 @ 18:34

    Yeah I don’t see this trend continuing, at least not right now. The 360 will probably take the lead in weekly/monthly sales for a while… who knows how things will go after that. This holiday season will be interesting with the PS3 and 360 both having Kinect and Move out. I doubt either one will slow down console sales but I can’t imagine the 360 having a Kinect bundle priced better than the PS3 one.

  6. And not just that. Remember the CES presentation of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition?, there they showed a move controller and a standard dualshock 3.

    I guess that makes the entry price a lot more acceptable for everyone. Just pop in a 100 bucks and you get a move wand, the eyetoy and a game. You can use de DS3 as a navigation controller and if you really need to, buy the real thing.

    And yeah, this was confirmed just a while ago.

  7. What I find funny is people expect the 360 Slim to fuel sales, but the 360 Slim is coming in at $299 when the 360 was ALREADY available at that price AND cheaper. The thing that may boost sales is that the Arcade has dropped to $149.99, not that the Slim was released, IMO

    It is no where comparable to Sony’s situation where the Slim was released WITH a price drop.

  8. It’s not just because it’s a slim but because of the features it has: just the wireless wifi should increase it’s value quite a lot. From a gamer standpoint that’s a must nowdays.

    Now, the arcade really should appeal to the mainstream market. Want an HD console?, 149.99 and you get one.

    I wonder how is sony going to fight against that.

  9. VofEscaflowne June 16, 2010 @ 20:29

    Yeah my friend went and ordered a 360 slim the day it was announced. It still has more bang for the buck than the previous model at the same price.

  10. It has more bang for the buck, but then you have to realize the original launch PS3 had more bang for its buck as well… people won’t care. If they weren’t willing to pay $300 for it originally, they’re not going to pay $300 now just because it has the WiFi with it.

  11. Don’t forget the two extra USB ports!!

  12. VofEscaflowne June 16, 2010 @ 21:06

    @The Dean

    Well actually that’s the reason my friend bought it, haha :p No need to spend extra money on the wifi adapter plus the extra HDD space doesn’t hurt.

  13. VofE

    People are going to buy it, obviously. What I am saying is there isn’t going to be a mad rush for it in the millions like there was for the PS3 Slim that came with a price cut.

  14. Patrick Steen June 17, 2010 @ 01:07

    Expect a lot of rebuying, as with the Elite – so short term boost. And then Kinect will come out – and BOOM another boost. If it’s good and word of mouth is good, the increased sales will continue. Plus, at least it now looks good under the shiny black TVs we all have. Good partner with the original phat PS3 too

  15. These articles are space fillers. The reason Xbox sales slow is not because people don’t want it. People already have them. With the price drop, new model, and the upcoming game lineup this year no other system can compete.

  16. IMO, the Xbox will get its boast but it will be temporary. As for Kinect…GAY. Why would anyone spend $100-$150 for a camera. Their entire E3 “Dances with Elephants” apeared to be choreographed, badly, giving nobody a reason to think its going to be accurate or fun. It was a big “Look at what my hands are doing while I distract you from our probably FAIL” It was aimed at dummies who spend without much forethought. What you have to remember is that you won’t be playing it in your living room with crazy french dancers, elephants, or lol glowing ponchos lol. PS Move was something I was also leary on, but I may be sold. Everyone appeared to think it was “Wii HD”, but its more like “PS Wii” in that they are going to put it in some hardcore games. I think thats a win for Sony, add 3D to that and you have partial virtual reality in your living room. I’m regretting buying my 52 Samsung LCD 630 last year because of all this 3D stuff, but I got the extended warranty so once the 2nd and 3rd generation 3D tvs come out mine might “not work properly” lol Anywho, Nintendo was a success with 3DS, Sony was a win with Twisted Metal, making Gabe Newall pull his foot out of his mouth live, Move, and 3D and Microsoft was a FAIL with the exception of Halo Reach (Gears has lost its star power for me with Halo and COD being the big shooters for MS) now….FLAME ON!!! LOL

  17. @SickPuP

    Upcoming game lineup this year? What is there outside of Reach this year?

    Also — Lol @ “it’s because everyone already has one…”

    I didn’t know the console industry peaked at 40 million…my bad 😉

  18. I expect the PS3 to surpass the 360 in Hardware, Software, Technology, and eventualy in Sales.

  19. Doominator99 June 17, 2010 @ 11:18

    I think the 360 and ps3 sales will be even from now on . Even if the ps3 doesnt catch up to the 360 in sales at least we know we had the better system.

    BTW why does anyone care about sales? we dont work for sony

  20. There is a video proving that the new 360 causes Halo rings around the DVD’s as the old model did it’s on my youtube channel in the favorites labeled “The Pyro Initiative” I was happy for MS now I see it’s the same shit with a new dress on what a shame the new 360 would have looked nice next to my Fat PS3 60 Gig . Seems like the 360 will never get out of Beta stage lol

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