Sony says 3D in games can cost just ‘half a per cent of overhead’


3D gaming on home consoles may not be the norm right now, but it may be here to stay if it’s as easy and cheap to implement as SCEE senior development manager Simon Benson says it is.

“In some cases we’ve had titles where 3D has been half a per cent of overhead,” he said during an interview with

“It can literally be the render programmer spending a couple of weeks manipulating it. Particularly if a game already has split screen in it, just take that mode of the game and reauthor it to deliver really high quality 3D. So often it’s the case of it doesn’t even hit the radar of whether we should or shouldn’t, it can just be done.”

Benson says many people make the mistake in assuming the cost of 3D in video games is similar to that of 3D in blockbuster movies.

He added: “It really comes down to do with if the game teams that are making these titles think that the experience they’re putting together is compelling enough and the title lends itself enough to this technology to add that feature in.”

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and Resistance 3, two of the biggest upcoming PS3 exclusives, will include 3D support.