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Sony tops Japan and eyes North America

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It’s been common practice as of late for Sony’s PlayStation Portable to top hardware sales in Japan despite the complete ownage that Nintendo has been laying down with the Wii and Nintendo DS. However, this time around Sony’s other piece of hardware, the PlayStation 3, is the one to top the charts and it’s actually by a significant margin.

The results aren’t too shocking due to the recent release of SEGA’s Yakuza 4, but the sales themselves are large enough to usually even out the sales differential that takes place in North America between Sony and its biggest competitor.

With that in mind, we’re sure Sony is looking at March a little differently than usual in North America and we’d imagine that they feel pretty comfortable with expected NPD numbers for March with the release of God of War III and Final Fantasy XIII — especially since both products have seemed to sell out hardware across all major retailers.

Check out the full Japanese charts below.

1.PS3 – 50,164
2.PSP – 38,017
3.Wii – 31,101
4.DSi LL – 20,765
5.DSi – 14,256
6.DS Lite – 3,953
7.Xbox 360 – 2,419
8.PS2 – 1,711
9.PSPgo – 1,491

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Comments (9)

  • Chatham

    Lol @ 360 sales.

  • Fatality

    rofl xbox fail xD

  • ImLastBoss

    PS2 is still going strong,but gratz to Sony for PS3 and PSP hardware sale.

  • winne the pooh

    japan is nown for not buying microsft consoles, im sure other contries would have very diffrent sales. but still glad ps3 is selling strong

  • Moocows111111

    Lol @ 360. Least Japanese can tell whether a system is good or not XD They are into more RPG type games and with the 360’s library there are really, no good ones.

  • TRF

    I’m surprised the PSP beat the Wii. I guess everyone that wanted a Wii got one already.

  • Dr. Moogle


    the PSP and the PS3 are at the top…and that is a console beating a handheld…what is this maddness????

    also, isnt it cute that sony has both the top 2 and bottom 2 spots? :DD

  • Hozi

    When I see Microsoft Press conference at E3 this year. Im just gonna point and laugh at them for thinking they can compete against SONY.

    I am greatful to have them but only because if they wern’t here then SONY would have no decent competition.

  • scottspeed

    the ps2 should have beaten the xbox 360 lol awesome news for ps3, lets just hope the sales for america are just as strong. hopefully the wii will start to lose sales now as it becomes stale and the ps3 takes top spot most of the time for consles

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