Sony website puts $199 price on PS3: Silly typo or…

…a sexy little price for a sexy little black console? Sony’s latest push for 3D has prompted the launch of a promotional website pushing the technology on unexpecting consumers. It sports a new PS3 price.

As we all know, the PS3 will be 3D-enabled and since it’s part of Sony’s 3D family, the console is featured on the company’s 3D landing page. Alongside 3D TVs and Blu-ray players, the PS3 sits with bated breath above its $199 price tag. Wait…$199? That’s not right!

The PS3 has only just turned a manufacturing profit for Sony, how could they be dropping the price by another $100? An E3 surprise to really push the console’s motion controller Move? Doubtful. It’s likely just a typo or a bundle deal with 3DTVs. Nice to dream though. We’ve included a screenshot of the price below, just in-case it gets corrected soon, which it will.

[UPDATE] – Now corrected.


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  1. Dreamer_Lion June 9, 2010 @ 15:45

    lol, it’s probably just a typo.

    But who knows, maybe a bundle with Move for 299 would make sense too. . . . .

  2. No way it’s $200. Sony’s just turning a profit with their $300 PS3s, no way they’d risk losing a profit (as far as I know, it still costs more than $200 to make).

  3. 199 for the best HD gaming/3Dbluray/home entertainment media machine?
    sounds too good to be true, i gues its a typo then

  4. we can dream

  5. Patrick why do you keep erasing my mesages? Do you hate me? I like this website, and i like to post my opinions around here, dont do it man!!!

  6. Tokyo_GorePolice June 9, 2010 @ 19:15


    If you actually follow the link to learn more/purchase one, the price is listed at $299 for 120 gig and $349 for the other, just like always.

  7. typo. when it sounds to good to be true. chances are it is

  8. Shotgun Junior June 11, 2010 @ 04:41

    Typo, it has been corrected now. Too bad but I don’t think Sony can get the price to 200$ ever, not for this beast of a gaming machine.

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