Sony will not be refunding all PS3 owners: Law firm’s site hacked

Do you remember that once upon a time you could install Linux on your PS3? No? Well what if we jogged your memory with the option of a 50% refund for its removal? Ah, we’ve got your attention now haven’t we.

A US law firm – Meiselman, Denlea, Packman, Carton & Eberz P.C. to be exact – filed a lawsuit against Sony Computer Entertainment America in April 2010 for the removal of the original PS3’s ability to install other operating systems, such as Linux. Their website claims to have won the case.

Winning the case involves Sony having to pay every PS3 owner who bought their console before March 27th 2010 at 50% the price they bought it for. Sounds too good to be true? We believe it is. Nah, we know it is. The post added today reads:

“Because Sony failed to defend it’s intentions in court, the judge decided that Sony will have to pay every PS3 owner, who bought his PS3 before March 27, 2010, a refund of 50% of the price when purchased.”

Every PS3 before March 2010? That includes PS3 Slims as well then? The law firm is very pleased by its success, writing that “this is once of the biggest victory’s in our firm’s history.” Nice English. The final paragraph is amusing since it claims Sony will be handing out many of the refunds at E3. Classic.

“Sony will also be at handing out refunds at ‘E3’, a large video-gaming event, to all registered PS3 owners. A new article will be posted very soon on how Sony will be handling this matter.”

Oh we’ll be looking forward to that one. Little too early for April Fools isn’t it? Or late. And now to debunk this gem of an article. There has not yet been a final ruling for the case, which was indeed filed by this law firm in April. This document shows that there will be a minor preliminary hearing on 15 July 2010, meaning the case would only have ended if Sony had agreed out of court to settle it. At a 50% refund to each PS3 owner? Doubtful.

The article doesn’t mention a judge, nor include correct written English. Sony has also defended their position, making the post inaccurate. Moreover, and here’s the killer, as shown in this document, all parties have agreed that Sony has until June 29th to make its preliminary response to the case, let alone declare it’s over… on a Sunday.

So whoever hacked this respected law firm’s website, you gave us a good giggle.

[NeoGAF user Stumpokapow]

[UPDATE] – The post has now been removed from the law firm’s website. Case dismissed.

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  1. That is really pathetic.

  2. too good to be true!?

    we’ll wait at EEE3.
    Because I want my farking money back!

  3. Only 360 fanboys care about this, and hackers.. it was removed because of the hackers, so this is all a bit ironic really.

    Get off your soapbox Zomer, you idiot. Sony hasn’t done anything illegal, and they will get through this lawsuit like the rest of the stupid pointless American lawsuits… clean and easy.

  4. when you agree to the onlyne document, you also agre to updates that may include removal of abilities of youre sistem, that and because only like 10% used linux on theire ps3 are the reasons i beliewe the money return wont hapen

  5. @ppSucks and Reigen
    Finally!!! People with common sense like you guys deserve recognition. I applaud you guys.
    I was getting tired seeing stupid and idiotic comments from the hackers all over the internet. “Sony owes me money” – stupid hackers ( and some xbots as well )
    Are you serious? If only more people took the time to read the online user agreement. Not to mention that they (idiots that complain) don’t know the real reason why the “other OS feature” was removed. To prevent the ps3 from being hacked.
    Thats why they complain. They want to hack their ps3s for custom home brews, pirate games etc. Criminals seeking money.

  6. Patrick Steen June 6, 2010 @ 12:37

    Many people legitimately used the Other OS portion of the PS3 – which was an advertised feature of the console. By UK and European law, this is a breach. Those who used it should be legitimately angry and should fight for their rights to use it.

  7. They won’t get anything in the EU Patrick. And not many people used the OtherOS function, to say they did is laughable. They only people who did use it had no intention of updating anyway, such as Universities for their research projects. Once they set up the PS3 in Linux they never had any intention to boot back into the XMB, so right now they are still using Linux.

    The EU have taken many features from various products away from EU citizens so don’t expect them to do anything about this. Freeview promised free digital TV in the UK, but there are Subscription based channels on that platform so will every freeview viewer get a refund for the set top box and built-in decoder now that the advertisment was actually wrong? Ofcourse not.

    I think websites just need to shut up about the Other OS non-news and start publishing stiff which is actually newsworthy for a change. Somehow though, I doubt that will happen.

  8. So I could possibly get paid for buying a Slim? And $150, no less? Sweet! I love false hope!

  9. I believe it because I read it linked off of N4G. Game journalism is the garage sale of writing. If you put stock in it, you illustrate just how ignorant you really are.

  10. zomer stfu!
    the mandatory update comes with every single psp or ps3 game.
    and sony in their presentation for the 1st april update in playstation blog exactly stated that if you don’t update your system you will no longer be able to log in to the psn and play games that need a higher frimware than your system’s.
    so, now, go and ask patrik or xino to help you pull your head out of your ass, so that you can help them to pull out their head out of the friggin sand!

  11. Patrick Steen June 6, 2010 @ 13:43

    We’ll see. And freeview is still free. It was never promised all digital channels would be free – only that the freeview ones would be – there are around 60 free digital channels.

  12. Of course. It sucks for the people that used “other OS feature” in a legit way but they need to be informed why it was removed. Hackers ruined it for all of us!!! Sony gave us the feature but some people had other intentions for using it. Why get mad at Sony? They should be mad at the Hackers. Unless they are hackers themselves.

  13. Of topic
    There should be a way to edit posts. Is there? I meant to say “Why get mad at Sony?”

  14. Patrick Steen June 6, 2010 @ 14:05

    And guys, please be civil. It’s fine to have differing opinions! In fact, we encourage it. Just don’t use coarse language and don’t insult each other 🙂

  15. zevehcj: I used OtherOS in a legit way, and I am informed about why it’s removed, but I don’t just listen to what Sony says I look at what they did, well before the ‘hackers’ did anything to get Sony to remove OtherOS, Sony released the PS3 Slims that left out OtherOS, then in January 1 guy did a hack that I’m sure only a handful would dare try, as most people were content with gaming and using their PS3 as a Blu-ray player and as a computer… it’s my belief that Sony used this isolated incident to remove OtherOS to lower costs based on the hypervisor, not the security of the PS3/PSN like Sony claims. The hacker made Sony aware of the security hole, and Sony could have done what was right and patch the security hole, Microsoft has tons of security problems with Windows, but I don’t see Microsoft disabling internet functionality in Windows to provide greater security to Windows users around the world. lol If Microsoft tried that, people would be furious, and that is why I am furious at Sony for removing a feature I paid for, in my opinion pointing the finger at hackers is just an excuse, and a poor one at that…

  16. They should pay something for it though, it was stupid to take out that feature.

  17. How the heck will Sony give a refund for something that was FREEEEE!!!!???? You liberal clowns are so funny.

  18. hacker13sacker June 6, 2010 @ 17:12

    WOW…thanks sony now i can buy a few new games with that money. LMAO

    how will they get my address??? XD

  19. What a stupid thing to do. Why would you hack the site of the people fighting your cause? They’ve just weakened their own position against sony signifigantly.

  20. commonsense: OtherOS was not free, it was included with the price of the console just like PS2 backwards compatibility, and Blu-ray playback. and since people purchased their PS3 because it advertised that functionality, and Sony removed it after the purchase, I think a refund is fully expected if Sony doesn’t return the feature.

  21. k well sonys prob not gonna give us money specially half of wat we paid i paid 550 for the 60 gig and i have a 80 and a slim, i didnt use the other os for lunix im sure if i knew how i prob would have tried it but i would like some money cuz my 60 got the yellow light but i can see sony saying if u dont have a reciept then u dont get money if they actually do give money so better find ur receipt, ne ways if the ps3 was hackable its sonys fault y create this problem now and bring negative controversy to sony, i say give us half and its all good or reinstall the other os system so we can have access to it…

  22. Man..all this fuzz about for one silly Linux shit…Why the fuck I will buy a GAMING console…TO be able to install Linux on it!?!?Get the fuck out…you make me sick you fucking nerds…almost sick as Xbots make me.

  23. there is no single, tv, or any kind of commercial for other os ability.
    find one commercial, in tv, or newspaper or somewhere that SONY is commercialises other os ability.
    and if they choose to return the money they know who is supposed to be payed.
    cuz they record your activity with ps3.
    just drop the case.
    you guys will never get the $ back.
    that is a desperate act to try to compare an os like windows with an os like xmb.

  24. 9Y0 I can tell you’re an uneducated retard lol.

  25. oh mr education teach us something

  26. @kane_1371 Lmao, first of all, sentences start with a capital letters and end with periods.

  27. @Styile
    You look like retarded nerd.STFU and leave people alone loud NERD mouth.

  28. oh, tanx Styile, now i’m going to defenitly write with capital letter.
    wow, u r a life saver.

  29. I’m from Slovakia and in my opinion sony should pay for they mistake.It car company find out there is a problem with first model of new caf and 2 from 5 doors must be shut forever than i’m 100% sure no1 will Bs pleased at all.I paid 630 euro for ps3 and they rip me off:(.Doesn’t matter of u using that feature and its gone cos of free will of manufactuer.Of u are single and caf dealer told u hey m8 chill out u have still enough doors 4 urself i knew he’ll be at least in hospital ffs.They disision and logicly they must take responsibilities of not.Take my PS3 give me back my money and i’ll be happy.Btw we had highest retail prices and still have in EU.In my country is 630 euros more than average salary per months than face it cos i think that is way how should it be.Next time they’re tell us “hackers using ps2 game loader than we need to get rid of it”.Some of u should think first but just some.
    Peace out

  30. @9Y0 Lol I’m a nerd because I know how to capitalize my sentences? Lmao people learn how to capitalize sentences in the first grade. If that makes me a nerd, you really must be a dumb ass looool.

    @Kane_1371 Lol, dumb ass.

  31. Sony should have to pay….It was a branded item that they removed and it was the only reason why i wen’t with the PS3 over the 360 (have no need for a blue-ray player, i already had 3 at the time) and the “exclusive” games both systems have are pretty gay (Halo (over kill)—-Little Big Planet (WTF?!?!).

    And on a side note to “ppsucks” what they did was illegal. It’s not like you have the option to say no to the update and still play multiplayer. And the only reason you say that hackers like the “Other OS” option is due to the clear fact that you have NO clue about Linx or any of the possibilities it can do (aside from hacking”…On top of that sony just made people want to hack more because of this. I know about 10 people, including myself who (at the time they released the Firmware update) wanted to beat GeoHotz to a glitch to get it back.

  32. @ 9yo Do you just buy a cell phone to make calls? You don’t text on it at all…..Do you watch movies on your ps3? Maybe Sony should remove that option aswell.

  33. @ Kane 1371

    This is a article where it has the CEO of sony clearly talking about the Other OS option and he also states “Speaking about the PS3, we never said we will release a game console. It is radically different from the previous PlayStation. It is clearly a computer.”

  34. And if you don’t feel like reading, here’s a video with President of SCEA talking about the Other OS option

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