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Sony’s Butler has two words for you…”Mon Tage.”

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Kevin Butler is quickly becoming an iconic figurehead in the field of PlayStation advertisements. I don’t think I can remember a better advertisement campaign for any PlayStation product that can top Butler and his never ending list of antics. In his latest video, Butler lets new PlayStation 3 owners know exactly what Sony has.

We’ve included the video below.

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Comments (19)

  • Chad

    Lol… I like his hair.

    Actually doing these right Sony! I’m so proud.

  • crimsonTWIST

    Haha! That was great. Rock on. 😛

  • DangerousMali

    would of loved to see some other more awesome games than some of the ones shown but meh

    still a great advert, not butlers best ad, his others were more awesome

  • Kiryu

    Uncharted 2 will sell millions!

  • jaz350z

    I’m so glad Sony is going down this path with their ads and not like those frickin baby ads and egg ones. wtf was up with those???

  • Dave-The-Rave

    Wish they had the same advertising campaign in the UK !!

  • DeadlyAnGeL91792

    *sniff…im so proud

  • dirtyd89

    This is the advertising Sony should of had from the very beginning but I’m glad they got their acts together now we can see some real competition between PS3 and 360.
    360 = Doomed!
    Wii = Hard to say.

  • daevv

    Great commercials! People who are not into gaming come to me and say “have you seen the new PS3 commercials”. lol

  • MrMustBNice


  • uso3

    The Beatles didnt deserve to e there, I think….

  • Elmisa

    nice lol

  • Permafry42

    love these advertisements. These and blackbustercritic convinced be to get a ps3 slim

  • The Dean

    Kevin Butler is definitely a genius character.

  • 9Y0

    That was EPIC!!!! XD Awesome one!
    So…what’s next? The “Hi I’m Xbox… And I’m PS3 :) ! ” commercials 😀

  • Alch3mist


  • TheScourge

    nice ad

  • gon

    that is eXactly what sony needs. It has the best games aand the best console , but the world has to discover it

  • Ph3n0m7X

    haha that was awesome ^^ Sony going hard right now

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