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Sony’s Stance: Once You Hack, You May Never Go Back

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Do you like tinkering around with the PS3? Maybe using some questionably (or overtly) illegitimate programs from time-to-time? Sony is watching you. Recent information about a malicious hack discovered last month seemed to spell bad news for the life of the console which has been notoriously  attacked by hackers in recent years. Sony has, however, released a statement regarding this most recent incident:

Violation of the System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation®3 system invalidates the consumer’s right to access that system. Consumers running unauthorized or pirated software may have their access to the PlayStation®Network and access to Sony Entertainment Network services through PlayStation®3 system terminated permanently.

It doesn’t get a whole lot clearer than that: if you jack with out stuff, you’re done. It’s nice to see Sony trying to set a hard-line stance like this, but come on. It makes you wonder why this sort of thing keeps happening to Sony and if they’re being targeted so heavily for a specific reason. I bet it has something to do with the fact that they still haven’t given us more information on Final Fantasy X HD. I love them, but that makes me want to violate their License Agreement out of pure spite.

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