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Square-Enix says small surprise coming

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I’m not sure whether Square Enix is just now realizing that Tweeting is the new “in thing” so they feel the need to utilize it in order to make minor announcements or if the small surprise they’ve planned for this week is truly something to care about. Unfortunately, I believe it’s the latter and that the small surprise planned is nothing more than a release date for Final Fantasy IX on the PSN.

Square Enix tweeted the following: “Good morning. It is the beginning of the week. Tokyo is the rainy start. Dating this week please. We offer a small surprise this week. Stay tuned. Hashimoto.”

Don’t get too terribly excited for the chance to hear about a Final Fantasy VII remake or anything worth noting. Chances are, it’s going to either be the FFIX information, revealing more beta information for FFXIV or they’re going to announcing something small for E3. Just don’t get your hopes up.

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Comments (12)

  • DonMatteo13

    Fingers weekly crossed for a FFVII remake, even though the combat system will be out dated

  • DonMatteo13

    o I meant Weakly* 😛

  • VofEscaflowne

    I wouldn’t mind some Just Cause 2 DLC, if they’re the ones to announce such things :p But yes, I’m expecting Final Fantasy IX. Far too often have I see developers and such hype announcements that we already know about.

  • Yusuf

    I hope it’s about Just Cause 2

  • Joe Garcia

    Sequel to “The Bouncer”! Who’s with me?!

    Where’d everyone go?

  • taus90

    Maybe something for Iphone or a DLC for some unknown 360 game. the only news i want to hear from SE is abt FF7 remake and FFvs13.

  • SpoonPower

    I would consider FF7 to be ‘huge’ news, not small news. Seeing as it’s requested by fans so much.

  • Dr. Moogle

    i predict its going to be something about XIII…..dlc or something….

  • ImLastBoss

    FF13 dlc and ff9 on psn…

  • Raptor

    Please don’t announce Versus XIII as multiplat…. :S

  • Raptor

    … wait just realised, that would make a BIG surprise. :)

  • scottspeed

    FF13 DLC would be interesting but i doubt its a remake announcment

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