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PlayStation 101: Who Should Buy a PS Vita?

I’ve had my Vita for two weeks now, and I love it. Well, “love” might be a bit strong, seeing as how it can’t love me back. But I do like it an awful lot, more than any portable gaming … Continue reading

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PS Vita developers jumping ship to 3DS is ‘largely exaggerated’

Most gamers know that the PS Vita in Japan isn’t reaching the high marks the developers would like, constantly losing out week after to week to its predecessor, the PSP. Japanese newspaper Nikkei stated earlier that due to these poor … Continue reading

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Games We Want For Vita That Would Be Impossible On 3DS

The PlayStation Vita is only about 6 weeks from release in Japan (and about four months from release worldwide), and Sony and it’s third-party partners have already prepared an impressive list of launch titles and games that are in development. … Continue reading

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There Are No Original Ideas in Games, and Why That’s Okay

Simple thought: copycats are everywhere, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s a sentiment that I’ve held for a long time, but recent news of the Nintendo making a 3DS peripheral to add a second circle pad have finally pushed me over … Continue reading

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PS Vita Price Cut Talk Highlights the Skewed Value of the Gaming Dollar

The past couple of weeks have brought pretty good news for the frugal gamer. Nintendo slashed the price of their 3DS by $80, and while its current library is lacking you can always count on a Nintendo handheld to deliver … Continue reading

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Heavy Iron Studios: PS Vita “a car wreck”

With the advent of gaming on smartphones such as the iPhone and Android-powered devices, as well as the poor sales of the 3DS that lead to an unprecedented $80 price cut just months after launch, many around the industry are … Continue reading

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