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GTA V could sell 25 million in one year, says analyst

Many people had an extra hop in their step yesterday after the announcement of Grand Theft Auto V, despite the fact that the game was an inevitability. Of course, this didn’t stop industry analysts from running their special game-counting analysm … Continue reading

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Analysts surprised by Move’s price point acceptance

One of the many criticisms Sony originally faced with the PlayStation Move was its price point of a $99 bundle with the option to purchase a standalone Move peripheral for $49.99. This generally meant that in order to have a … Continue reading

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Analyst: PS3 to see sales increase in 2010, Xbox 360 and Wii down

2010 has only just begun, but analysts are already starting to express their opinions on the near future of the gaming industry. Doom and gloom was the order of the day for Sony and the PlayStation 3 before the Slim’s … Continue reading

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