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Long Live Play announcement coming October 5th

If you’re a fan of ominous teaser trailers, Sony have cooked up a decent batch of “Huh?” just for you. In a minute-long YouTube video, they’ve stirred up a decent amount of speculation and rumor-brewing, with people guessing that it’s … Continue reading

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Sony to announce 18 new PS Vita games at Tokyo Game Show

All of this time Sony have said that they’re going to focus on building a strong library of games for the Vita before launching it, and it seems that they weren’t screwing around. SCE have announced the lineup of games … Continue reading

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Peace Walker announcement is “big,” but disappointing

Anyone waiting with anticipation upon Kojima’s big announcement in regards to Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker may end up quite disappointed depending on what you were expecting. While some of us expected a final announcement on Zone of the Enders … Continue reading

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Zipper Interactive announces SOCOM 4 [Trailer Added]

Zipper Interactive and Sony has just announced the development of SOCOM 4 on the Official US Blog. As many of you know, Zipper Interactive is the development team behind the original installments of the SOCOM franchise (not responsible for Confrontation) … Continue reading

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