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EA lawsuit results in free Battlefield 1943 voucher for all Battlefield 3 players on PS3

Remember when Sony revealed that EA would be including Battlefield 1943 on all PS3 copies of Battlefield 3 at no extra charge? Well, they never did. And they failed to report that it wouldn’t be happening, thus duping everyone expecting … Continue reading

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EA will offer free Battlefield 1943 to BF3 PS3 owners

EA has given in. Back at E3, the publisher promised a redeem code for the incredibly entertaining Battlefield 1943 with PS3 copies of Battlefield 3. However, when the DICE shooter launches last month, 1943 was nowhere to be seen. This … Continue reading

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Battlefield 3 doesn’t come with free copy of 1943; early access to DLC instead

Considering it’s their most highly-anticipated game of the year, EA is doing a rather bang-up job of creating issues unique to each of the platforms that Battlefield 3 is launching on. PC users get to struggle with EA’s Origin and … Continue reading

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