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Game Wisdom: Best 20 Quotes in Gaming

Video games aren’t just for wasting a weekend  or looking at digital boobs covered with as few pixels as the raters will allow, they are also a place to find wisdom. Throughout the industry great writers have produced gems that stay with the … Continue reading

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Nathan Drake and Big Daddy join PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster

Sony announced two new playable characters that would grace your screen in the upcoming PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale: Nathan Drake, the sarcastic explorer and star of the Uncharted series, and the Big Daddy, the hulking protector of the Little Sisters … Continue reading

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BioShock Infinite release date set for October 16th

Few games this generation have commanded the kind of respect and adoration that 2007’s BioShock has, and Irrational Games have been working diligently to bring us a follow up ever since. Well, their own follow up — BioShock 2 was … Continue reading

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Ken Levine talks of his involvement on the BioShock film

Irrational Games’ Ken Levine has spoken of his position in regards to the upcoming BioShock film. During a chat with Joystiq, the studio head spoke of his change of role when shifting from the position of creative lead on the … Continue reading

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