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BioWare shows off new game with teaser image

Last week BioWare announced that they were working on a new game, currently under development at a new studio. Today, Game Informer has the scoop on the first image to show off what the game actually is. For now, that’s … Continue reading

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Multiplayer confirmed for Mass Effect 3

There have been plenty of rumblings about it over the past few weeks or so, but it’s finally been confirmed by Australian publication PC Powerplay: multiplayer will be coming to Mass Effect 3. Taking to their website, PC Powerplay have … Continue reading

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No more Commander Shepard after Mass Effect 3, but series will live on

In several months’ time we’ll see the thrilling conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy, which Bioware says will also mark the end of Commander Shepard’s story. Series fans can rest easy, however, knowing that the Mass Effect universe will live … Continue reading

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