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Call of Duty Black Ops Announced: Now With Trailer

The next Call of Duty game will be titled Black Ops and is in development at Activision’s Treyarch studio. The developer’s that created Call of Duty 3 and World at War are hard at work on 2010’s Call of Duty … Continue reading

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Javelin glitch fixed in latest Modern Warfare 2 patch

The infamous Modern Warfare 2 Javelin glitch has now been fixed in the game’s latest patch. You can now download a 15MB patch, 1.06, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The most significant fix solves the Javelin exploits, which … Continue reading

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MW2 Domination: Tactical Nuke Makes You Feel Good

Say the word ‘perks’ and what game do you think of? Modern Warfare. And with these perks skilled gamers can perform some damned impressive feats. Meet tejbz, recently signed to Machinima.com, and you’ll find a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare … Continue reading

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Treyarch hiring for next Call of Duty

Activision sure is predictable. No sooner has Infinity Ward released Modern Warfare 2, it’s already time to look forward to another Treyarch Call of Duty game. Yes, Treyarch, the developers behind World at War, is hiring for their next entrance … Continue reading

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MW2 Suicide Bomber Glitch Breaking the Game

The suicide bomber glitch, otherwise known as the javelin glitch, has been plaguing Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer. The glitch results in immediate martyrdom, frustrating many a gamer online. The following Modern Warfare 2 glitch actually works with any launcher in … Continue reading

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Robin Williams the Hardcore Gamer

Who’d’ve thunked it? When it comes to gaming, Robin Williams is as hardcore as they come. In the latest Late Night show, the comedian tells Jimmy Fallon about his love for Call of Duty, complete with online shenanigans. Robin talks … Continue reading

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Modern Warfare 2 fan gets Rick’Rolled

Don’t have your video game orders sent to your friend’s house, because you may not get what you were expecting. Rick Astley returns in his greatest ever rick’roll. YouTube member gplnd was (presumably accidentally) sent his mate’s Modern Warfare 2 … Continue reading

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