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The future seems empty for the Twisted Metal franchise

With the newest entry in the Twisted Metal franchise about to ship, fans are truly excited to see life breathed back into the series. The future finally looks bright for Twisted Metal. However, David Jaffe may have crushed all those … Continue reading

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Eat Sleep Play hit by layoffs, David Jaffe leaving company

In a bit of bad yet strange news, Eat Sleep Play have laid off eight employees just a week before Twisted Metal is to hit store shelves. The studio still has 26 employees and will shift its focus its attention … Continue reading

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SCEE hits Twisted Metal with a delay and censor cuts

With gamers everywhere looking forward to a Valentine’s Day massacre, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have pulled the rug out from under its regional demographic at the last minute. The game will be delayed into March, and will see some cuts … Continue reading

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Twisted Metal set for a Valentine’s Day Massacre

Twisted Metal franchise creator and co-director of the upcoming PS3 game David Jaffe took to the PlayStation Blog to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. A strange thing to do on August 25th, but it turns out that Jaffe has … Continue reading

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Jaffe: “God of War III best game I’ve played in years”

David Jaffe left his baby long ago, acting as only consultant on God of War III while he’s busy working on his own studio’s first PlayStation 3 game. For him, playing Sony Santa Monica’s latest game has been a “very … Continue reading

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New PS3 game isn’t from David Jaffe’s team either

Later today GameTrailers TV will reveal the first trailer for a new PlayStation 3 exclusive game, reportedly from a Sony first-party studio. The game isn’t from Insomniac and it’s not from David Jaffe’s Eat. Sleep. Play either. David Jaffe is … Continue reading

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Jaffe calls out journalists for bullsh*t sensationalist headlines

David Jaffe has once again returned to the internet, following a long hiatus, to tell certain members of the press that their sensationalist headlines are bullsh*t. Too right… Oh wait, we wrote one above. Whoopsy. David Jaffe, best known for … Continue reading

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