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PS Uni Underground Radio 019: Barely Legal

This week on the program, Joe is back! But Tyler is out sick, the weenie. On the bright side, the plugs section goes a lot smoother this time. In the news, Sly Cooper is coming to Vita, and Tomba to PSN! Aliens: Colonial Marines has been … Continue reading

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Devil May Cry reboot leaves Ninja Theory with death threats

Many gamers were unhappy at the news that the Devil May Cry franchise would be getting a reboot. You wouldn’t, however, expect death threats to be sent over it – though that’s what developer Ninja Theory have unfortunately been hit … Continue reading

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Ninja Theory inviting hardcore Devil May Cry fans to play DmC

In a bold move, Ninja Theory is inviting a select group of the biggest Devil May Cry fans to their studios in the United Kingdom to give the upcoming DmC: Devil May Cry a spin. Emails have been sent to … Continue reading

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