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Dragon’s Dogma Review

Capcom definitely stepped out of their comfort zone with Dragon’s Dogma. After several entries into their top series such as Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, the new IP seemed to come out of nowhere. It also boasts a unique … Continue reading

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Dragon’s Dogma Ur-Dragon mode revealed

Determined to bring out the dragonslayer in its players, Dragon’s Dogma will have a special challenge awaiting all players upon its release date. This special event is known as the Ur-Dragon, a larger than life, and just as powerful, dragon awaiting … Continue reading

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PS Uni Underground Radio 016: Lord Zed Attacks!

Underground Radio has been invaded yet again, this time by our Number #1 fan, Reneid Klein! The dude was apparently so happy to be here, he forgot to write down some questions! Join us as we take on PlayStation All-Stars Battle … Continue reading

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Dragon’s Dogma Demo Impressions

At the beginning of your adventure through the Dragon’s Dogma demo, you are remindedthat this is merely a demo, an unfinished product. From the time I spent with it, that just excites me more. Unfinished product or not, it has … Continue reading

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News You Can Use: 04/16/12

The news today ranges from depressing, to exciting, all the way over to mysterious. Startup Grind reports on what could be massive layoffs with EA, as well as EA’s response to such claims. A couple of highly anticipated games get … Continue reading

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Slay it ain’t so: new Dragon’s Dogma trailer shows off combat

Capcom have released a trailer for the upcoming Dragon’s Dogma that features a particularly mean-looking dragon taking on a team of adventurers, while also showcasing some of the game’s epic combat. Pay close attention to the clinging and climbing mechanics … Continue reading

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Capcom announces Dragon’s Dogma demo

For those of you who have been itching to try out the upcoming Dragon’s Dogma, you are in luck. Capcom has announced that it will release a demo on PS3 and Xbox 360 for the title in the months ahead. … Continue reading

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Capcom releases Dragon’s Dogma story trailer

Capcom has released a new story trailer for its upcoming game, Dragon’s Dogma. The trailer also comes with a new release date attached. Check it out below: This trailer definitely shows off more of the Dragon’s Dogma story than we have … Continue reading

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