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DUST 514 Open Beta Announced
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Dust 514 is an upcoming free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter. If that was a little hard to follow, it’s called an MMOFPS or a game with lots of players that shoot at each other. The game is set to … Continue reading

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First-Person Gaming Runs a Marathon
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History Lesson: The world of gaming changed in 1992 when “Wolfenstein 3D” hit the stands. The love of first-person shooter (FPS) games was only further ignited by the release of the long-time revered “Doom.” The violent adrenaline rush and digital … Continue reading

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Rainbow 6: Patriots trailer doesn’t hold back

The recently announced Rainbow 6: Patriots had a new trailer to show off at the VGA’s this past weekend, and it’s got quite the unexpected ending. Modern first-person shooters these days tend to aim for some sort of brutal realism … Continue reading

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Bodycount: Console shooter from creators of Black

The next shooter from the creators of PS2 and Xbox shooter Black has been unveiled in the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine. Developed by Codemasters’ Guildford team, Bodycount is a shooter to keep your eyes on. This is … Continue reading

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Zipper: Nothing to stop 256 players on screen at once…

…except your own need to kill. That’s what Zipper Interactive told us at M.A.G.’s hands-on event in London. When asked what was hardest to code for the 256-people online multiplayer game, Seth Luisi, director of development at Sony Computer Entertainment … Continue reading

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