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Sony now loses approx. $18 for every PS3 sold

Although the PlayStation 3 Slim has prompted a resurgence in Sony’s home console business, prompting 10.8 million PS3 sales in just nine months, the console is still losing money for the company. At least, the console’s hardware is losing money, … Continue reading

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PS3 code featured in Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 2

Before we knew BioShock was coming to the PlayStation 3, sections of code from the game’s PC demo made reference to Sony’s console. That same occurence has happened with Mass Effect 2 on the PC. Polish site Kikoo presents the … Continue reading

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GOWIII will feature three-hours of bonus videos

And a (presumably new) Gran Turismo 5 trailer. So not only will you reportedly get 15-20 hours of gameplay out of the upcoming God of War III, you’ll also have yourself three-hours of bonus videos to enjoy. And a Heavy … Continue reading

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Pirated PS3 games hit Beijing according to Chinese website

According to a Chinese website, George Holtz’s PS3 hack has already lead to pirated PlayStation 3 games. Much of the article is hard to decipher due to poor Google translate results, but the jist is that pirated PS3 games are … Continue reading

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New God of War III Video shows updated build

In the following unseen God of War III video you’ll get a glimpse of the game’s latest build before an all new trailer on February 11th. Many PlayStation 3 gamers have given the God of War III demo a go, … Continue reading

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Expect Final Fantasy Versus XIII news this month

It’s been month since the hungry, information driven gamer has heard anything in regards to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but thankfully, that’s about to change. With its parallel releasing just around the corner in March, Versus XIII should move more … Continue reading

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Zipper: Nothing to stop 256 players on screen at once…

…except your own need to kill. That’s what Zipper Interactive told us at M.A.G.’s hands-on event in London. When asked what was hardest to code for the 256-people online multiplayer game, Seth Luisi, director of development at Sony Computer Entertainment … Continue reading

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Platinum Games’ next title revealed; Vanquish

Vanquish is the next title to come from Platinum Games. MadWorld and Bayonetta have already been critical successes, so we expect nothing less from Vanquish. It’s great to hear that Shinji Mikami, famed creator of Resident Evil, is working on … Continue reading

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Rockstar: Episodes from Liberty City coming to PlayStation 3

In a move that proves that 50 million price tag was for nothing more than a timed exclusivity deal, Rockstar North has officially announced Episodes from Liberty City is coming to the PlayStation 3. These two downloadable episodes for the … Continue reading

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Sony games division expected to post operating profit

Sony Corp. is expected to post a profit of approximately 100 billion yen ($1.1 billion) for its latest quarter, according to the business daily Nikkei. Sony posted their first net loss last year, with the company’s games division similarly suffering. … Continue reading

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