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Bayonetta patch made by Sony released for PS3

A patch for the PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta has been released, solving some of the issues gamers had with the hack’n’slash game. Sega of the Netherlands announced that Sony was the developer behind the patch and not Platinum Games; surprising to … Continue reading

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GOW III: Run along walls and set fire to entire armies

New unseen accessories that Kratos will use in his latest battle against the gods have been revealed. At least, some have. In the latest issue of Hobby Consolas, the PlayStation 3’s God of War III features in all its glory … Continue reading

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God of War III to last 15-20 hours depending on the difficulty

Previous reports have only said that God of War III will be over 10 hours long, but now we understand that the PlayStation 3 game will possibly stretch to double that depending on the difficulty. In the latest issue of … Continue reading

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PS3 surpasses three million units in UK

According to Sony Computer Entertainment UK, the PlayStation 3 has now surpassed three million units in the UK after jumping the two million mark in only March 2009. By July 2009 Gfk-Charttrack confirmed that the console had sold 2.2 million … Continue reading

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BBC wants to make Doctor Who video game

The BBC is returning to video games and a number of their franchises are potential projects. BBC Worldwide is researching possible publishers and developers to mould series like Doctor Who and Top Gear into video games. Where the broadcaster’s children … Continue reading

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Rumour: First Killzone 3 info next month

Guerrilla Games’ first person shooter Killzone 2 may have been over-shadowed by Uncharted 2 by the end of 2009, but it was still one of the year’s best games. It might also have been a long time in the making, but … Continue reading

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Uncharted 2 downloadable skins dated and…priced

No, the Uncharted 2 Heroes Skin Pack is not free. What made you think it was? Oh, our last post? Now we did tell you that was inaccurate, didn’t we? Weren’t paying attention? Wake up! The PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack … Continue reading

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Naughty Dog: DLC news inaccurate but official announcements soon

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan recently unveiled a Gold Box edition for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and though it was unclear whether such a box would make its way around the world, further news on downloadable content looked more secure. However, … Continue reading

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Rockstar promises big things for PS3 owners in 2010

Are you one of the many PlayStation 3 owners that are a little disappointed that you couldn’t play the episodic content for Grand Theft Auto IV? Don’t worry. Rockstar understands your frustration and apparently they have big things in store … Continue reading

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Heavy Rain Demo Penciled in for Early February

With early Heavy Rain reviews showing promise, it’ll soon be time for you to get your hands on Quantic Dream’s PlayStation 3 game. The game is set for a late February release worldwide, but we should be seeing a demo … Continue reading

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