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Nolan North: Uncharted 3’s development is common sense

Following the success of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, both critically and commercially, it’s almost a certainty that a third iteration is on the way from Naughty Dog. That’s a stance Nathan Drake’s voice, Nolan North, takes in his latest interview. … Continue reading

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Crytek: Crysis 2 performing better on PS3

Crytek has previously claimed that Crysis 2 will push Sony’s console to its limits and has now revealed that, in its current form, the game is getting “slightly more performance” out of the PS3 in comparison to the Xbox 360. Crytek’s … Continue reading

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Heavy Rain sells over one million in five weeks

Heavy Rain has sold over one million copies in the five weeks it’s been on sale, Sony Computer Entertainment announced today. The PlayStation 3 exclusive broke new ground, developing its own genre and surprising critics with its emotional content. Heavy … Continue reading

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Rumor: Ninja Theory’s other game is Devil May Cry

We’ll put this in the WTF corner while we contemplate the logistics of Devil May Cry influencing Heavy Sword influencing Devil May Cry. According to Game Informer, Capcom may have passed their beloved action series over to the creators of … Continue reading

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This is how Gran Turismo 5 should sound

If you’ve been listening carefully for the arrival of Gran Turismo 5, you’d better hope this is the sound you’ll hear. When Polyphony Digital’s game eventually races round the corner, it would be nice if it sounds as good as … Continue reading

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Yoshida: Move caters to casual and hardcore

SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has told EDGE that the platform holder will direct PlayStation Move towards both casual and hardcore gamers. When questioned about Move’s targeted audience, Yoshida explained that they’re developing 50/50 for both the casual and … Continue reading

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Epic Games reveals Bulletstorm

Electronic Arts and Epic Games have today officially announced their upcoming title, Bulletstorm. Developed by People Can Fly, Bulletstorm is a futuristic first-person shooter that plans on delivering action-packed sequences and mechanics that evolve the genre into something more. Though … Continue reading

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Konami announces Saw II and new Silent Hill for PS3 and Xbox 360

Konami is working on a new Silent Hill video game for “next-gen consoles,” which we’ll take to mean the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. That’s despite it being the “next-generation” for almost five years already. Surely, nay certainly, it’s now … Continue reading

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Peace Walker announcement is “big,” but disappointing

Anyone waiting with anticipation upon Kojima’s big announcement in regards to Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker may end up quite disappointed depending on what you were expecting. While some of us expected a final announcement on Zone of the Enders … Continue reading

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Delta Force comes to PS3: Unlikely candidate for comeback PS2 shooter

A potential candidate for OPM’s teased PS2 squad shooter comes in the form of a PlayStation Network classic. We still have our sneaking positions that the title has already been announced and that this particular title really can be classed … Continue reading

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