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NPD: GOW3 sells 25% more than GOW2 despite PS3 installed base

God of War III sold over one-million copies worldwide just a few days after release, but with the game’s US March sales now out, we can finally see how well it has done in comparison to its predecessors. Following God … Continue reading

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God of War III out now: Got your blood soaked copy?

Yes, yes we know it isn’t out everywhere, but God of War III launched today in the US and midnight events around the country brought out the passionate Kratos fans who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the Ghost … Continue reading

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SCE Santa Monica has no intention to milk God of War

Tomorrow the God of War trilogy is expected to come to an end — and with it, the end of Kratos. We’ve traveled through many lands over the years with the Spartan of choice and he has been the inspiration … Continue reading

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God of War III utilizes new Cell Anti-Aliasing

A couple of days ago, we published an article with statements from Ken Feldman that detailed some of the changes God of War III has gone through since its demo debut at E3 2009. One of the key comments made … Continue reading

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Improvements to GOWIII since E3 demo explained

Although many of you have only just got your hands on the God of War III demo, due to it releasing to the PlayStation Store only last week, the demo actually dates back to E3 2009. That’s coming up to … Continue reading

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Sony: We intentionally slow GOWIII’s action [UPDATE 2]

In an excellent and in-depth interview given by Mark DeSanto at I. Eat. Games, Sony Santa Monica’s senior producer Steve Caterson has revealed that the team deliberately slows God of War III’s action for cinematic effect. Though this concept sounds … Continue reading

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Keighley: You’ve seen GOWIII, wait until you see what Sony has next

Well, that’s not a direct quotation, but it appears to sum up what GameTrailers’ Geoff Keighley is teasing on his twitter feed. So, hands up if you saw GameTrailers’ God of War III special? Yes? Excellent. No? If you’re happy … Continue reading

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God of War III Blow-Out: Beware Awesomesauce and Spoilers

It’s not long until God of War III is released, with March 16th almost upon us we’ve been waiting for a more lengthy peak at the PlayStation 3 exclusive apart from the teasing Vengeance trailer and theĀ ageingĀ E3 demo; which is … Continue reading

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God of War III to be 10+ hours long, not 15 to 20 [UPDATE]

God of War III will feature 10 plus hours of gameplay according to Sony Santa Monica’s director of technology. Although we know “10 plus hours” is an ambiguous description of gameplay length, it’s certainly shorter than the previously reported 15 … Continue reading

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Sony: Most GOWIII cutscenes won’t be pre-rendered

When we found out that God of War III’s cutscenes wouldn’t contain any CG trickery, we still questioned whether the in-engine scenes would be pre-recorded and played back as videos (ie. pre-rendered.) When we further discovered that God of War … Continue reading

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