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God of War III sex mini-game detailed

Sex mini-games come as somewhat of an amusing highlight for Sony Santa Monica’s God of War games. Although we were in no doubt that one would make an appearance in the franchise’s first PlayStaiton 3 outing, we weren’t aware how … Continue reading

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Confirmed: No install for God of War III despite dual-layer Blu-ray

God of War III won’t be utilising a PlayStation hard-drive install, despite using the complexity of a dual-layer Blu-ray disc. The last PS3 game to make use of the greater capacity 50GB Blu-ray was Kojima Productions’ Metal Gear Solid 4: … Continue reading

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Watch the new GOW III trailer in HQ 1080p

So, we’ve all seen the new God of War III trailer on Game Trailers. Though it states “high-definition”, the truth is that the Flash video is low-bitrate. So we thought we’d rectify that for you with a high quality full-1080p … Continue reading

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First God of War III Review Released

The first review of God of War III is reportedly in from the UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine. Though the following score has yet to be confirmed by scans, the magazine’s March issue is rumoured to include the PlayStation 3 game’s … Continue reading

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GOWIII will feature three-hours of bonus videos

And a (presumably new) Gran Turismo 5 trailer. So not only will you reportedly get 15-20 hours of gameplay out of the upcoming God of War III, you’ll also have yourself three-hours of bonus videos to enjoy. And a Heavy … Continue reading

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New God of War III Video shows updated build

In the following unseen God of War III video you’ll get a glimpse of the game’s latest build before an all new trailer on February 11th. Many PlayStation 3 gamers have given the God of War III demo a go, … Continue reading

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GOW III: Run along walls and set fire to entire armies

New unseen accessories that Kratos will use in his latest battle against the gods have been revealed. At least, some have. In the latest issue of Hobby Consolas, the PlayStation 3’s God of War III features in all its glory … Continue reading

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God of War III to last 15-20 hours depending on the difficulty

Previous reports have only said that God of War III will be over 10 hours long, but now we understand that the PlayStation 3 game will possibly stretch to double that depending on the difficulty. In the latest issue of … Continue reading

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More God of War games after GOWIII

The information and asset drought on God of War III is starting to lift, with screenshots and impressions flooding in as another PS3 exclusive, Heavy Rain, gets ready for release. We have a new set of screenshots that feature Kratos fighting a … Continue reading

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God of War 3 Ultimate Trilogy Edition is gonna hurt your wallet

As a European, I have to admit that sometimes I get upset with Sony’s decision to bring out games late or not at all in the PAL region. Today, however, they made me a happy man; ice-cream happy. They announced that … Continue reading

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