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Frathouse Friday: Video Game (Alcoholic) Drinks
Karma Drink

There comes a time in every bros life when they must momentarily put down the beer bong and suit up for gentlemen’s evening. While the clothes may not contain nudity or obscene pun play, that does not mean you can’t throw a fancy party and … Continue reading

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Transfer Student: Confessions of a Console Convert

It’s never easy being the new kid, transferring to PlayStation University was certainly no exception. See I am super new (not to be confused with Ultra new), not only am I new to the site but I am also new to the system. Continue reading

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Retailer lists God of War IV

A New Zealand retailer has listed God of War IV for release next year. Mighty Ape has the highly speculated, unannounced title down for estimated release on September 28, 2012. It’s a bit of a coincidence, considering UK magazine PSM3 … Continue reading

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