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Game Wisdom: Best 20 Quotes in Gaming

Video games aren’t just for wasting a weekend  or looking at digital boobs covered with as few pixels as the raters will allow, they are also a place to find wisdom. Throughout the industry great writers have produced gems that stay with the … Continue reading

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Nomura Securities predicts Metal Gear Solid 5 for 2014

Nomura Securities, a Japanese investment analysis company, expects Konami to release Metal Gear Solid 5 within the 2014 fiscal year, which spans April 2013 to May 2014. Nomura’s outlook on the Metal Gear Solid franchise’s next title comes from their … Continue reading

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Four Classic Games That Wouldn’t Be Made Today

Games like Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield, and Gran Turismo are all fine games, and home to some of my favorite gaming memories. Those games are all rather safe, though, aren’t they? You know how much people enjoy being blasting through … Continue reading

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Kojima unsure how Japanese devs can compete “on a worldwide scale”

There used to be a time when video games were very much a Japanese industry. As the video game industry continues to balloon as one of the most profitable industries in all of entertainment, more and more games, studios, and … Continue reading

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Kojima: Project Ogre “a very subdued experience”

Metal Gear Solid aside, Hideo Kojima has something else up his sleeve – Project Ogre. During his interview for the Christmas 2011 issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, the video game legend spoke of the caged project. “I can’t really … Continue reading

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European release of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection pushed into February 2012

Some disappointing news makes its way to European shores from Konami headquarters, as the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection won’t be making its way to the region later this year as was previously anticipated. The compilation has a new release … Continue reading

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The Five Best Voice Actors in Gaming

I’ve been thinking about the audio tracks in video games lately, touting for the last two weeks that there isn’t nearly enough attention paid to game music while pointing out some of my favorite examples of the under-appreciated genre. This … Continue reading

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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection getting a limited edition

It was only a matter of time before the practice of releasing limited editions made its way over to HD remakes and collections of older games, but if any franchise could pull it off it’s Metal Gear Solid. Today, Konami … Continue reading

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PS3 Collections that You Should Consider

What’s up, PSU Alumni? Over the last couple of months, Sony has been producing more and more game collections. Usually sporting around 2-3 games and being sold at a reduced price, these collections are steals. Today I’m going to show … Continue reading

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Peace Walker announcement is “big,” but disappointing

Anyone waiting with anticipation upon Kojima’s big announcement in regards to Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker may end up quite disappointed depending on what you were expecting. While some of us expected a final announcement on Zone of the Enders … Continue reading

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