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PS3 Ranks #1 for Streaming Netflix

There are a lot of ways to watch Netflix. You can stream movies and TV shows on most smart phones, on your PS Vita, on your 3DS, your Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, most smart TVs and via web browsers … Continue reading

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Ditching Netflix: Amazon Instant Video Comes to PS3

Sony dropped a pleasant bombshell on the PlayStation community by releasing an app for playing Amazon Instant Video on PS3 yesterday. There’s no shortage of video apps available for Sony’s console, so some may be confused by another option. Let’s … Continue reading

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New PS3 firmware update improves internet browser

A firmware update for the PlayStation 3 console could be making your internet browsing all the smoother. Firmware 4.10 promises to up the display speed on the system’s internet browser. PSN stores tested the browser before and after the update … Continue reading

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PlayStation 101: Everything You Need to Know About 3G on PS Vita

With this post we’re kicking off what we hope will be a recurring feature: PlayStation 101. Here we’ll clarify any confusing issues or myths surrounding the PlayStation brand and give you all of the information that you seek in one … Continue reading

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CES: PS Vita getting Netflix and Music Unlimited apps

During their presentation at CES yesterday, Sony announced that popular movie streaming service Netflix will be making its way to the PS Vita in the US, surprising no one. Both companies are currently working to have the app ready for … Continue reading

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PS3 5th Anniversary: The Five Best Moments in PS3 History

Our favorite high-def console turns five today, and while it’s had its fair share of low points — a few detailed here, in case you missed it — it’s also done very well by us. It’s the exact reason that this … Continue reading

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Netflix washes its hands of Qwikster, DVDs and streaming to stay under same umbrella

Well, that was Qw- nope, won’t do it. Less than a month ago, Netflix announced plans to divide its streaming and DVD services, with physical media going under the new Qwikster brand. This also meant that users would have to … Continue reading

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Netflix DVD service now called Qwikster, will offer video game rentals

Netflix has come under some serious flak as of late, due largely to the fact that they upped their subscription price by over 60 percent with what many felt was little warning and little added benefit. With that in mind, … Continue reading

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