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Uncharted 2 downloadable skins dated and…priced

No, the Uncharted 2 Heroes Skin Pack is not free. What made you think it was? Oh, our last post? Now we did tell you that was inaccurate, didn’t we? Weren’t paying attention? Wake up! The PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack … Continue reading

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Naughty Dog: DLC news inaccurate but official announcements soon

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan recently unveiled a Gold Box edition for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and though it was unclear whether such a box would make its way around the world, further news on downloadable content looked more secure. However, … Continue reading

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More God of War games after GOWIII

The information and asset drought on God of War III is starting to lift, with screenshots and impressions flooding in as another PS3 exclusive, Heavy Rain, gets ready for release. We have a new set of screenshots that feature Kratos fighting a … Continue reading

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Heavy Rain Special Edition Exclusive to HMV in UK

Following the revelation that the UK’s BBFC has rated Heavy Rain with only a 15+ classification, we now have a ‘just-about-confirmed’ release date and the further fact that the game’s collector’s edition will be exclusive to HMV in the UK. Priced at … Continue reading

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EA shuts down video game servers prematurely

EA is dropping the bomb on a number of their video game servers, shutting down the online fun for many of their Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 games. The list is after the break and you’ll surprisingly find many … Continue reading

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Confirmed: All Brink footage from PC build, not 360 or PS3

Brink, an incredibly impressive looking first-person shooter from the British developer who brought Enemy Territory to id Software, recently unveiled its first gameplay footage. We’d seen the screenshots, and we’d heard the banter from the developers, but the gameplay footage … Continue reading

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The Saboteur Review

The Saboteur is the last in the line of Pandemic Studios’ gaming catalogue, having been closed and largely swallowed up by Electronic Arts. Its sandbox environment, World War II themed, third person genre promises to deliver a successful swan song … Continue reading

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Quantum Theory now to disappoint 360 owners as well

Once labelled, “Gears of War for PlayStation 3,” Quantum Theory excited owners of the Sony console who looked forward to the titles exclusivity. However, after many publications went hands-on with the title at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this year, … Continue reading

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16 More Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots (must see)

Square has released another batch of Final Fantasy XIII screenshots — this time the total number of screens being 16. While some of you may be tired of seeing more and more of FFXIII, these are worth checking out. As … Continue reading

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Rebellion defiant over Aliens vs. Predator’s Australian classification denial

Australia’s Classifications Board has dashed the hopes and dreams of yet another video game developer. Aliens vs. Predator has been refused classification in the country, meaning that it won’t go on sale. Being the only developed country to not support … Continue reading

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