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Join PS Uni’s Max Payne 3 Crew in the Rockstar Social Club!

The Rockstar Social Club recently added the ability to create and join crews across all of their multiplayer games, starting with the release of Max Payne 3 tomorrow (there will be a review up soon, promise!). Wonderfully enough, the crews … Continue reading

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PS Uni Underground Radio Episode 010: The Lambcast

From the ashes of yet another bad connection on Skype, comes the next entry of PlayStation University’sUnderground Radio, now made from real lamb skin! Join us as we tackle Ratchet and Clank’s HD Collection, whether or not Joe’s hatemail email exists, and whether … Continue reading

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PS Uni Underground Radio 006: Little Big League

The show is a man short as Tyler is away for the weekend, but fret not! Joe and Malcom find a way to record the longest episode yet, and without Tyler to keep them in check the tangents get pretty … Continue reading

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