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Resident Evil 6 Update Adds New Mode, Difficulty Setting and More
Ada Wong

Resident Evil 6, despite its controversial review scores from lots of outlets, is still getting a lot of playtime from fans around the world. Survival horror, dramatic horror, action horror or just a third-person shooter with monsters, whatever you want … Continue reading

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News You Can Use: 04/26/12

Despite only having a few news stories to share with you, the few we have are pretty exciting. First of all, Mortal Kombat Vita gets a live action trailer featuring Mileena and Kitana (and yes, their cumbersome outfits). PSOne fans should … Continue reading

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review

Resident Evil: Operations Raccoon City sounded like a great idea. Relive the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3, only this time you get to be on Umbrella’s team sent to eliminate all traces of the evil corporation’s involvement. You … Continue reading

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New details on Resident Evil 6

New details on the upcoming Resident Evil 6 have surfaced. Game Informer has the latest scoop on all the details surrounding the title and Capcom has supplied fans with a ton of new information from some questions that gamers are … Continue reading

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Résumé suggests China setting for Resident Evil 6

It’s thought that Resident Evil 6 may be set in China. As spotted by TheSilentChief – via OPM UK – the credits page of voice actress Wendy Mok notes work as a “Chinese Villager/Zombie” on the game, following an appearance … Continue reading

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Resident Evil 4 HD Review

Resident Evil 4 came out in January 2005, and has since then been called the best entry of the franchise since then.  An entry that I admit I hadn’t played till its re-release on the PSN. Yes, while I played … Continue reading

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